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  • Double Flume Slides
    Double Flume Landscape & Hillside Slides
  • Single Flume Slides
    Single Flume Landscape & Hillside Slides

Double Flume Landscape and Hillside SlidesDouble Flume Landscape & Hillside Slides

Designed for use in residential applications, public pools or water parks.

Slides come is a wide range of sizes and configurations.

Double the flume, double the fun!

Mountain Lake
Yogi Bear
1682 & 1686

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Single Flume Landscape and Hillside SlidesSingle Flume Landscape and Hillside Slides

Increase the aesthetic value of you surroundings and provide an exciting and fun water slide experience.

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Open Flume Models:
Brasada, Chervin, Edwards, Gorden, Ocala, Tyler Hill

Closed Flume Models:
DeRocker, Dolhare, Hathaway, Holman, Jensen, Mahoney, Pastrana, Piggett, Steinberg, Tri-Valley, Venturi, Worcester

Closed & Open Flume Models:
Kaufman, 2200

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