What some of our clients have to say.
“Big Hit, As soon as I turned on the water it was a kid magnet”
Robert Smith, Lake Wallkill, NJ, Lake Association board member
"I sold $21,000 in membership within a few weeks after I received my slide" (California)
"This is the fastest and most exciting slide I have ever been down or slid down" (Woodland,Texas)
"Most of our bathers using the slide would reply "Wow, that was fast". (Missouri)
"When we received the product everything was exactly as we had specified, and the quality of materials and craftsmanship were outstanding" (N. Carolina)
"The community response has been fantastic" (S. Dakota)
"Appreciate all that your company did to support us in providing such an exciting new addition (75' water slide) for our community" (Missouri)
"Due to the pool slide, the attendance had increased to the amount that after less than a month of operation, I had to repurchase my annual concession supplies" (Indiana)
"Children and adults alike enjoy the thrilling adventure of going down a tube slide for the very first time" (Butler Missouri)
"We could not have attained a $15,000 gain in total revenue for the season without our Natural Structures pool slide" (Raleigh, N. Carolina)
"Fantastic community response, exceeded participation and revenue figures from prior year only after a month of slide use" (Mitchell S. Dakota)
"Big Success! Guests were excited about the slide ride and enjoyed it immensely. It is a nice compliment to our park." (Navarre, Ohio)
"Doubled our attendance in the younger age group" (Air Force Base, Texas)
"No liability premium increase with this slide."

"On behalf of the King County Parks Division, I want to thank you for providing us with both a terrific product AND excellent installation support.  The Tahoma Pool water slide was opened last night and was a huge hit with patrons.  The Renton slide should be wrapped up this week and we are hoping to open it to the public this weekend.  We are impressed with the quality of materials, finish and engineering of both slides. 

Our crews enjoyed the assembly and installation process thanks to Rob's exceptional knowledge and effort.   He guided us through every challenge and unfamiliar aspect of the assembly and saved us a great deal of time with his hard work.  In addition to being very dedicated to your company and product, he is a super person to work with!..."


Natural Structures